The Next Generation Of Face Masks: Fashion Statements That Matter!

The Next Generation Of Face Masks: Fashion Statements That Matter! - Mask Your Beliefs

Grin and wear it. Face masks are here to stay for now.

Let’s face it, no one really wants to wear masks. They can be hot. Cumbersome. And the poorly constructed ones are downright uncomfortable. Worst of all, they can get in the way of basic human bonding. Like sharing smiles or even just hearing what someone is trying to tell you.

We all agree that wearing a mask can feel like a necessary burden. So, we grin (although no one knows it!) and bear them. And look forward to a time when they, and COVID, are no longer a part of our lives.

picture of a man wearing a funny face mask decorated with feathers

Masks have become a modern-day canvas for creativity and self expression.

Still, wearing masks have given people the chance to get creative. And many are more than meeting the challenge. They’re adding color, glitz and even glamor to their face coverings. And the results can be downright inspiring.

People are tie-dying, flowering, and even blinging their face masks. Mainly out of boredom with humdrum masking. But also, because they’ve begun to realize that what they wear on their faces says a lot about them.

Kids are wearing masks that feature their favorite superheroes. While teenagers are sporting gaming logos. Dog lovers are featuring—you guessed it—adorable images of their pets. And fashionistas are accessorizing with designer masks, just like shoes and purses.

It seems that more and more, people are displaying their passions on their faces. Which is suddenly making mask wearing not only bearable, but downright fun.

Fashion statements that matter: The new generation of masks address social justice, climate change and acts of kindness.

So, what’s next in the ever-evolving world of face masks? What will people be masking in the fall and beyond? It turns-out the trend that’s really taking off is statement masks. No, not just trendy logos, but actual heartfelt statements. About big social issues. Personal values. Even simple words intended to uplift spirits like peace, love and hope. People are beginning to realize that a mask doesn’t have to be a muzzle. It’s a powerful free speech platform that can, and is, making a real difference.

Perhaps the trend began with Lady Gaga wearing a Swarovski encrusted “Vote” face covering during the last election. Or Greta Thunberg’s “Fridays For The World’s Future” mask plea to combat climate change. Wherever it started, the trend has evolved into a revolution. On social media. During rallies. Just walking down the street. More and more, people aren’t just masking up, but speaking out.

Face masks are making a world of difference.

Then there are the influencers. As with everything, social media influencers are driving the newest trend in masking: speaking your mind. That’s right, influencers aren’t just influencing fashion trends, but public opinion. With masks that speak to issues that matter. And it’s a trend that hasn’t just heated-up in certain communities, but has gone viral across the country, and around the world.

So how can you get in on the conversation? Shop with mask companies that share your values. Care about global warming, want to celebrate Earth Day? Look for shops that specialize in pro-environmental masks. Google phrases like, "Save The Planet Masks" and "Earth Activist Masks" and you'll find high quality face coverings that don't just protect you, but urge others to help protect the world. The same is true of any issue you care about. In fact, whatever’s on your mind or in your heart can be featured on a mask. Which means that anyone who wants to be an influencer, can. So, the next time you’re looking for a mask, find one that really speaks to you. And start making a world of difference every day.