How Vegan Fashion Can Help Fight Climate Change

How Vegan Fashion Can Help Fight Climate Change

You’re a proud vegan. Might have even been one for years. You don’t eat cows. Or pigs. Chickens or…bison. Maybe even fish. And animal byproducts rarely, if ever, pass your lips.

Basically, you don’t eat what you want to pet. Or admire from afar (ergo, that whole weird bison thing...) Which is truly admirable. Now it’s time to take your commitment to the next level: Vegan fashion. Although there are many types of vegan clothing materials, the basic idea is that truly vegan fabric is entirely composed of plants. Cotton, linen, hemp, peace silk (ahhh…), even pineapple leather. These days, there are all kinds of plant-based materials being used in clothing.

In fact, vegan fashion has moved from being seen as just another passing fad, to becoming a booming industry. Tops, bottoms, shoes, totes…whatever you want to wear can now be vegan. And we’re not talking the old-fashioned bulky, itchy, burlap kind of clothes. We’re talking some of the most fashion forward, “got to have it, now!” items on the market today.

Best of all, expanding your vegan commitment beyond just food will not just reduce the cruelty in the world. It might be the key to reversing global waming. That's right. Going vegan in not just what you eat, but what you wear might just save the world.

Here's why.

Vegan Clothing Creates Less Waste

When was the last time you held onto a shirt because you weren’t sure if it would stagnate in a landfill for the next 100 years? Well, vegan clothing is 100% biodegradable. So, when you done wearing a garment, you can toss it guilt-free.

That mean less durable trash in our world. Which means less pollutants in the air, water and soil. Go vegan fashion!

Vegan Fabrics Are Non-Toxic

If you’re clothing isn’t vegan, it could be toxic. To both the environment, and even you! That’s right, harmful chemicals, pesticides and other toxins are widely used in materials that are derived from animal byproducts.

And the production of polyester clothing not only spills toxins into our soil and water, but non-degradable plastic bits. Not good for mother nature. And definitely not good for humans.

Vegan planet organic vegan cotton tote bag from Mask Your Beliefs

Vegan Fashion Is Sustainable

Animal agriculture is a big contributor to global warming. In fact, it’s responsible for almost 15% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Less animal products means less CO2 in the atmosphere. Which means we're one big step closer to net neutrality.

So, the next time you’re looking for something new to wear, combine your great taste with your strong sense of ethics, and sample something vegan.  It’s a natural fit.