Expanding your vegan commitment beyond just food will not just reduce the cruelty in the world. It might be the key to reversing global waming. That's right. Going vegan in not just what you eat, but what you wear might just save the world. Here's why.

A green Christmas? It sounds kinda Grinchy. Doing things that are good for the earth but sucks all the joy out the holidays. Like wrapping gifts in newspaper…hanging stale popcorn garland…and giving handmade gifts that, let’s face it, aren’t even worthy of being re-gifted.
When it comes to making quantitative progress in the fight against global warming, Europe and the UK are kicking our oil dependent butts. They are way ahead of us on every green front: solar, wind, public transportation, and most importantly…caring. That’s right, climate scientists and activists called for needed green transitions decades ago, and Europe eventually listened and took their advice to heart.
Siberia is on fire. SIBERIA!  As is California, Indonesia, Brazil…you get the point. Basically, it seems as if the whole world is suddenly toast. So, we decided to take a look back in history to find-out how everything went horribly wrong. We learned about a few super smart climate scientists, who the world mostly ignored. And discovered more than we wanted to know about the powerful and highly effective climate obstructionist industry. Yes...yuck...there is a straight-up industry. Now we’re about to see Al Gore flex his big, powerful muscles. Gulp.
How did we get to this? Our entire world on fire?! Catastrophic weather events are escalating in both frequency and intensity thanks to our failed efforts to combat global warming. This blog takes a look back at what has been recommended (and mostly ignored...) by experts of the past in order to determine what should--what must--be done today if we have any hope for tomorrow.
Mask wearing is here to stay for now. So don't just grin and wear it. Enjoy it by being part of the latest fashion trend: statement masks. No, not designer face gear. But masks that speak to issues that matter. Check-out how celebrities and other influencers are turning mandatory mask wearing into an opportunity to champion a cause, or simply speak their minds. And how "in your face" advocacy is a fashion statement that's not just going viral, but changing the world.
It’s hard to make the case for older being better. But when it comes to trees, many argue that it's true. That mature trees contribute more to a healthy planet than young ones. And cutting them down in droves is bad. Bad for the earth. Even bad for humans and all living things. Still, many people believe that no harm is done if you simply plant a new tree for every older tree that is harvested. But at a time when we’re realizing that environmental choices have global consequences, we need to take a closer look at that long-held practice. To determine if it's helping or hurting the health of our planet. And perhaps inhibiting the sustainability of our collective future. 
Most people don’t want to swallow loads of pesticides and other harmful chemicals every time they sit down for a meal. Which is why Americans are choosing organic food products more than ever before. But clothing? Really! Now we not only have to worry about what goes in our mouths, but on our backs?!  Here is why choosing organic fabrics over non-organic matters. And why what you wear not only makes a fashion statement, but has an environmental impact on nature, your overall well-being, and even your health.